Tarik Hamilton.

A full-stack hauman's space on the web.


📓 Documenting and Writing More

For at least the next few months, I'm emphasizing self-reflection through creation and communication. 2022 has been: starting a new job, moving into an older home, becoming a landlord, multiple side gigs, and inconvenient home improvement projects. I made it work by using all my time towards those efforts. It's been a great year, but I lost track of the plot. I need to recalibrate and catch up with myself. I've been doing more than thinking.

I've had a lot of experiences and achievements compressed in a short period of time, but I can't easily reflect, reminisce, recount or share them. The recollection of events are scattered through random chat messages, unorganized photos, and sloppy Apple Notes.

Private journaling is cool, but writing with the intent to publish is cooler. Videos are even cooler and "the way to go" today, but writing is special. Writing will always precede good video content. A good off-the-cuff speaker is probably an excellent writer.

Wanting to write more inspired me to upgrade this Next.js website to be powered by Tina CMS (a topic I may write on). I created this "now" page using it. My now page is inspired by other now pages. If you aren't familiar with a now page, I suggest checking it out!